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I'm a compiler engineer who spent 10 years in software engineering before venturing into the nonprofit world. I created the LLVM Foundation which is a nonprofit that supports the LLVM Project.

I have experience in many different parts of the LLVM compiler infrastructure - OpenCL, code obfuscation, code optimizations, and more. I also filled several volunteer roles over the years - release manager, infrastructure support, etc.


I'm an advocate for diversity and inclusion in open source and women in tech. My life experiences have taught me that we have extensive work to do. 

I'm also a mom to 2 amazing boys who believe that anyone can be an engineer no matter their gender. I understand the constant struggle of balancing one's career goals with personal goals. 

I have 2 adorable Cavalier King Charles spaniels - Copper & Annie. I also enjoy cooking, travel, nature, and volunteering at my kids school.




University of Illinois - Champaign, IL

M.S. Computer Science

Thesis: “An Implementation of Swing Modulo Scheduling with Extensions for Superblocks”


University of Portland - Portland, OR

B.S. Electrical Engineering


2014 - Present

LLVM Foundation

President & CEO/COO

  • Created the initial mission and programs for the LLVM Foundation and worked to establish it as a 501(c)(3)

  • Execute and enhance all the programs - Educational Outreach, Diversity & Inclusion, Grants & Scholarships, and Community Health & Infrastructure

  • Perform all administrative, accounting, and taxes

  • Conference planning

  • Community building and management

  • Infrastructure support​


Apple, Inc.
Compiler Engineer

  • Implemented OpenCL 1.2 features

  • Performed multiple large scale merges from open source Clang to our internal Clang

  • Worked with GPU (AMD, PTX, X86) plugins to OpenCL

  • Open sourced several OpenCL features to mainline Clang

  • Built, deployed, supported, and extended a new in-house code obfuscation tool.

  • Tool depends primarily on mid-level transformation and analysis algorithms, using local and inter-procedural techniques.

  • Performed regression, correctness, and performance testing on the tool.

  • As a production tool, we release every 3-6 months and are continually planning, designing, and implementing the next features while addressing any bugs.

  • Received 5 patents related to code obfuscation work

  • Specific details about this tool are under NDA.


Software Engineer

  • Focused on code generation and optimization in HP’s Itanium backend for the HotSpot Java JVM.

  • Implemented an efficient and aggressive copy coalescing algorithm, “Fast Copy Coalescing and Live Range Identification”, and extended it to support predication.

  • Modified and tuned heuristics for tail duplication.

  • Implemented an SSA updating algorithm to efficiently update SSA form after CFG transformations such as tail duplication and loop unrolling.

  • Implemented a new superblock scheduling heuristic that considered branch probability.

  • Implemented an algorithm to preserve Java memory model by correctly inserting memory fences or using specific load or store instructions.

  • Expanded the existing testing infrastructure by writing scripts and dynamic web pages to track failures and build statistics such as build time, compile time, and JVM size.

  • Fixed bugs in numerous phases of the compiler, for example, block layout, predication framework, scheduler, register allocation, copy coalescing, and liveness analysis.

Volunteer Work

Contributed to the Open Source LLVM project:

  • Release manager (2005-2010)

  • Managed infrastructure - Mailman lists, website, SVN

  • Various updates to testing infrastructure that are no longer in use today


2020 Reviewer for Grace Hopper Scholarships

POSE Steering Committee Member

Judge for 2019 Ada Lovelace Awards: Celebrating Women in Tech - Software Engineering Category

2023 Review panel member for a software-sustainability collaborations seed program with the US Department of Energy, Office of Science, Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR) program

Community volunteer roles - cub scout den leader, PTA/HCA volunteer

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